Owen Harold Memorial Scholarship

Sapere Aude – Dare To Know

The Owen Harold Memorial Scholarship (OHMS) recognizes a Notre Dame Catholic High School student in their final year of grade twelve studies, who demonstrates active engagement in their community and evidence of a strong commitment to leadership and improving the state of the world. The Scholarship board was looking for a well-rounded, dynamic individual who shows enthusiasm toward learning both in and out of the classroom, demonstrated compassion and integrity toward others, and who serves as inspiration to those around them. Of particular focus were secondary students interested in issues dealing with human rights, various social, legal, and political institutions, ethics and social justice, or environmental issues.

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Owen Harold, a proud member of the Notre Dame Community. His involvement within the community touched on many different areas and groups, including environmental club, social climate, student council, and REACH.

Aside from the involvement in Notre Dame, the committee hoped the scholarship would bring forward individuals who were like Owen in many different ways. On a personal level, one always knew where they stood with him, and he wasn’t the least bit shy in speaking up- Owen was opinionated. He enjoyed the art of the argument and debated frequently, often pairing his intelligence with extreme sarcasm and wit.

An important aspect of this scholarship was the idea of travel, and those which exemplified a passion for such an eye-opening experience. Owen also was an avid traveler, and in his 22 years, had the opportunity to, for example, explore archaeological sites in Jordan. Owen wanted all of us to see these destinations like he did, with an unmatched flair for life, a curiosity for history, and an appreciation for how different cultures lived and laughed.

Lastly, a focus on environmental sustainability, both on a structural level and a more personal level, was an important aspect in deciding who this scholarship was awarded to. Owen was always focused on environmental innovations and sustainability. The committee wanted someone who spoke clearly about sustainable development, and how their own long term plans focused or impacted the environment. Owen inspired tangible, positive changes in economic opportunity, social justice and environmental stewardship, which are key elements in the assessment of what could be done around the globe, and within our own personal lives.